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2024 Hyundai Santa Fe: Powerfully WAH

Reimaged And Redesigned

The revolutionary fifth-generation Santa Fe – a complete reinvention that sets a new standard for Hyundai – was at our dealership for show and tell. With its striking, bold, and boxy design, this latest iteration is a departure from anything you’ve seen before.
Packed with practical innovations, the new Santa Fe boasts convenient C-pillar grab handles for effortless roof access, an abundance of clever storage solutions within the cabin, and rugged trims designed for genuine off-road adventures.

Big, Boxy, Bold

Indeed, Hyundai has transcended its own legacy, evolving from the creation of the Galloper—an off-roader tailored for the Korean market in the 1990s—to crafting modern crossovers that truly embrace the spirit of adventure. In the last three years, Hyundai has boldly redefined what it means to be outdoorsy and off-road ready.

The transformation of the Santa Fe is a testament to this new direction. The vehicle’s design now features a reimagined tailgate, meticulously crafted to enhance utility and invite drivers to connect with the great outdoors. The result is a commanding vertical tailgate, expanded by nearly 6 inches in width and 3 inches in height, setting the stage for a new era of Hyundai design.
This expansive full-width tailgate, along with its surrounding structure, represents a significant investment in manufacturing sophistication compared to previous Santa Fe models.

Elevating the Santa Fe was a strategic progression for the entire series. The Tucson’s upscale expansion in 2022 delivered an infusion of style and spaciousness, surpassing the Santa Fe while maintaining an attractive price point. However, the 2024 Santa Fe now features a third-row seat and a more substantial presence, it’s hot on the trail of the three-row Palisade (which will also be getting a redesign in late 2025.

Outdoor Accessory Ready

Hyundai has masterfully engineered an expansive array of off-road and overland accessories tailor-made for the adventurous Santa Fe, initially unveiled in a stunning XRT concept last summer.

While the most extreme elements of the concept may not transition into production, Hyundai unveiled a production-ready Santa Fe XRT equipped with a robust ladder, sleek roof rack, and an illuminating light bar. Furthermore, Hyundai has turned heads with the addition of rooftop tents, transforming the SUV into an adventurer’s dream.

The 2024 Santa Fe XRT is the first in its lineage to significantly transcend mere aesthetic toughness. While the full scope of the XRT’s mechanical enhancements remains shrouded in anticipation, what is clear is its impressive 1.5-inch lift above the standard Santa Fe, granting it a commanding 9.7 inches of ground clearance. Coupled with 30-inch all-terrain tires mounted on bold 18-inch rims.

All Around The Inside

Step inside and discover the pinnacle of convenience, where a wealth of innovative storage solutions awaits you. Revel in the abundance of new compartments, featuring not one, but dual gloveboxes for all your essentials. Experience the versatility of a console bin ingeniously designed to open in two directions, ensuring easy access from any angle.

Charge into the future with a side-by-side duo of wireless phone chargers, crafted for the modern tech-savvy individual. Beneath the console lies a generous storage haven, perfectly sized to safeguard purses and handbags within arm’s reach.

This transformation in utility is inspired by the ingenuity of Hyundai’s electric vehicles, bringing you the best in space optimization and convenience. Welcome to the next level of interior design, where every detail is tailored for your utmost satisfaction.

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