Shield Promise


Buying a car shouldn’t be hard. You want greater flexibility when you buy and service your car. And that’s exactly what you get with us - lots of online and in-person options that ensures every transaction is easy & transparent.

From price validation & accuracy through our 3rd party software to our 15-Day return policy, Drive Autogroup’s Shield Certified Used Vehicle Program is our promise to provide you with the best possible purchase experience.

How do we do it?

We do this by providing you with coverage, and a promise that, if something goes wrong, we will fix it.

Our Drive Shield Certified Used Vehicle Program includes coverage like a Lifetime Engine Warranty and a 365 Day Guarantee. If something happens to your engine during your ownership of the vehicle, we will repair it at no cost to you. Also, within the first year or 20,000KM of your vehicle (whichever comes first) we’ll replace wearable components of your vehicle if they are not up to our Drive Safety Standard. This includes brake pads, tires, wiper inserts & belts.

What do you have to do to get these benefits?

When you purchase a Drive Shield Certified Used Vehicle all you need to do is your coverage is maintain your vehicle according to our schedule, which is about 2 trips to your assigned Drive Autogroup dealership per year. It’s as simple as that!

Best of all, or program benefits come at no additional cost. We want you to love your new-to-you car and our Drive Shield Certified Used Program allows us to help you as the customer feel confident with your purchase, and with us.

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