Highlights of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz

May 24th, 2022 by

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is quite a likable choice among other car models on the market. The next time that you are thinking of getting a small or crossover SUV model with a decent engine, you might want to consider this Hyundai vehicle.

If you have plenty of questions about what’s the model like, here are some of the great things to like about the Hyundai Santa Cruz:

1) Independent Suspension

One of the great things about the Hyundai Santa Cruz is that it has an independent rear suspension. This will give you good overall handling, a nice ride quality, and a smooth drive. This suspension also accounts for the good ground clearance that allows this vehicle to be tough on the road when the weather requires it to be.

2) Turbocharged Motor

The Hyundai Santa Cruz also has a turbocharged petrol engine that is powerful, economical and fun to drive. This motor is one of the best for the size that it is. It is also known to be more powerful than some similarly sized engines from other brands. You get the option between a variation with 191 horsepower and another with 281 horsepower.

3) Premium Interior

The Hyundai Santa Cruz also has a top-notch interior with driver-assist safety features, impressive audio, and smartphone integration. It has generous headroom, which is something that many people look for. There’s also plenty of storage space, which is also a common concern among car buyers.

4) Exterior Looks

There is no doubt that the Hyundai Santa Cruz has a good exterior look. Appearing as a crossover SUV, it’s a compact yet beautiful vehicle. It has the right combination of style, power, and sophistication that many people are looking for in a car. It’s also great if you want to stand out from the crowd.

5) Reliable Comfort

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is known to be a very reliable vehicle. This crossover SUV was designed to be a comfortable ride that has lots of room inside. It’s got a lot of interior room, with ample head and legroom, not to mention a big cargo space. It is also known to be good on the road, which is something that you will like.

6) Spaciousness

The Hyundai Santa Cruz offers a lot of space to its occupants and the cargo. It’s also known to have one of the best cargo spaces among its competitors, making it great for everyone. Whether it is for a family with kids, a larger friend group, or a workcation getaway, there’s enough space to accommodate people and lots of items.

7) Safety and Assistance

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is equipped with various safety features, including driver-assist features, making it a very reliable car model. Another example is the rearview camera and sensors, which are helpful in everyday driving and parking.

8) Braking Performance

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is known for its braking performance. It has four-wheel disc brakes with an anti-lock braking system, which is effectively designed to ensure that you have good stopping power every time you drive this vehicle.


If you are looking for a small crossover SUV with impressive comfort, safety, and great looks, the Hyundai Santa Cruz will surely be a great choice. This kind of vehicle is becoming increasingly popular, so grabbing one of your own is ideal.

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