Servicing With Hyundai Licensed Technicians

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Regular maintenance service is essential for all old and new Hyundai cars. By bringing your vehicle to us the moment you spot an issue, you can reduce the likelihood of more costly repairs on the road. These experts will carry out several routine checks on your Hyundai car when performing a car service, such as:


Your Hyundai has brakes designed for safety, so we perform a thorough inspection in addition to fluid level inspection and make sure there aren’t any loose or damaged connectors. We also ensure your brake pads’ thickness meets specifications, recommend replacement if not, and inspect disc rotors and drums.

Pollen Filter 

Some cars can have a pollen filter, which captures pollen, dirt, and other contaminants from the air before it reaches the cabin. This filter gets dirty over time, so it should be replaced regularly. The mechanic will check and, if it needs replacement, will see if there’s poor airflow and a foul smell or noise that indicates a blockage.

Steering and Suspension 

A car’s steering and suspension systems work together to maintain on-road control. Over time, driving causes some wear and tear on these systems. This can cause unsafe operation of your car, excessive tire wear, and even loss of steering control. We check and maintain these systems during your routine service; let us know if you notice any problems while driving so we can investigate the source of the problem.

Wheels and Tires

The tires are inspected to ensure proper inflation and alignment. This can prolong the life of the tires, improve fuel economy and reduce the risk of an accident. The tread is inspected to ensure it meets legal requirements, and the wheels are adjusted to be set to optimum alignment specifications.


The goal of your Hyundai car service is to make sure that your vehicle is safe to operate and that it’s performing at its optimal level. Thus, mechanics must ensure that other components, such as your lights, air conditioning system, windscreen wipers, washers, spark plugs, and fuel filter, are working. They will also check your oil and top it up if necessary. Do ask any questions about your vehicle during your service so they can offer honest, expert advice.


  • Why should I take my Hyundai in for recommended maintenance?

Routine maintenance prolongs your car’s engine and operation and allows technicians to catch any problems and fix them before they become safety hazards. 

  • How can I know when to take in my Hyundai for routine maintenance?

Because each car is different, it’s hard to determine an ideal maintenance time. Check Hyundai’s owner manual to discover precisely what intervals you should take your Hyundai in for service. You can also learn about recommended services on Hyundai’s website.

  • What should I expect during a recommended Hyundai maintenance?

Each interval changes with the number of miles on your car when it goes in for service. Sometimes only an oil change is needed, but brake jobs may be necessary later. The technicians always ask for your permission before performing any work on your car.


Cars are mighty machines and need to be taken care of to function properly. This means getting it serviced when something is wrong and regularly maintaining it to run as efficiently as possible. If you’ve recently purchased a Hyundai, it is always best to take it to the manufacturer or an authorized dealer for these checks to ensure they fit the automotive standards.

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